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Monroe Powell

Dennis Knight

For the past 50 years the Legendary Monroe Powell has been a recording and touring lead vocalist with internationally acclaimed groups. Firstly with The Dominoes, but by far is most recognised as lead vocalist of The Platters.

Monroe was signed by The Platters founder/manager/songwriter Buck Ram to replace former lead singer Sonny Turner. Buck Ram led The Platters to their first recording contract with Mercury Records and “Only You” became The Platters first Gold Record. Many more hits were to follow. “The Great Pretender”, “Twilight Time”, “Smoke Gets In your Eyes”, “You’ve Got The Magic Touch”, “My Prayer” and many, many more.

In all, The Platters garnered 16 Gold Records and attained international fame and immortality through the romantic ballads that continue to be played and loved all over the world today.

Even from the earliest beginnings The Platters experienced numerous line-up changes but Buck Ram signed only three lead singers. In His 5th decade as lead singer with The Platters Monroe Powell richly deserves the accolades he receives and is, by far, the most recognised Platter of all.

Today The Platters continue to perform the world over bringing back memories of romance and simpler times with their delicately balanced harmonies. Audiences of all ages continue to flock to their performances, whether they are performing in intimate mode or to audiences of tens of thousands as they did during the closing of the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

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