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The Dukes

The Dukes

Rex Harris on Guitar and vocals.

Rex is a multi award winning musician with over 25 years experience in the music/entertainment industry playing in a wide variety of venues from pubs, clubs & entertainment centres. He has travelled the world from the UK to New Zealand with his music.

He has played and recorded with such artists as Johnny Chester & Hotspur, Jade Hurley, The Fendermen, Digger Revell, Dennis Knight & Sh-Boom to name just a few. In addition, Rex was the founding member of the Dukes of Earl Showband

Rex has been a part of bands backing the likes of Normie Rowe, John Farnham and Col Elliot. Although Rex has now, all but lost his vision, he has still got the most unique and unrivelled bass voice.

Darby Burger on Guitar and Vocals

Darby’s extensive music experience has ensured a presentation of quality entertainment, be it as part of a band, duo or working as a solo performer. Darby and his family moved from Townsville to Brisbane in 1996 to play bass with the very popular and sought-after band The Country Boys. Since then he has played in many Brisbane bands, including two years with The Blue Heeler Band. He then moved on to play with The Smokin’ Crawdads for three years before pursuing a solo career. He has since been playing acoustic and singing up a storm with his mates in Facin’ the Crowd. His enthusiasm, good humour and vocal talents put the audience at ease and a good time is had by all including The Dukes!

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