Ray Sawyer

Ray Sawyer, the spirited, eye-patched singer has been touring the United States, Canada and Countries Overseas with the band, Dr. Hook since the band realigned in 1984 to bring a new twist to their iconic sound.

Sawyer is known for the soulful and sometimes comic vocals that helped launch Dr. Hook's "Cover of the Rolling Stone" to top the charts and cemented the group's superstar status in the early 70's and 80's. Though he will never forsake the endearing humour that hundreds of thousands of people flood to concerts to enjoy ever year, Ray's current style is more soulful and features a harder edge than his previous country-rock and pop efforts.

Born and raised in Alabama, Ray's first job as a professional musician came at age 14 playing drums with a local band. His indelible style blended the black and white Southern music that kept Alabama dance halls and clubs hopping. In Mobile, where ray grew up, you either played Country or Rythym and Blues. "Though down there they are just about the same thing. It's two races talking about their lives" Ray explains. With a style that balances the best traits of Country and R&B - honesty and emotion, Ray sings with an intensity and sense of conviction that truly moves his audiences. His trademark eye patch was adopted after he lost his right eye in a 1967 car accident that confined him to his bed over a year. When he was back on his feet, ray set out for Los Angeles in 1968, and then worked his way back east to New York, where the nucleus of Dr. Hook was formed to record the score to a Dustin Hoffman film, "Who is Harry Kellerman (and why is he saying those terrible things about me)". Accumulating 60 Gold & Platinum Records worldwide with Dr. Hook, Ray has gained the confidence of a seasoned entertainer and still to this day travels the world with his band. In April 2005, Ray had the Honor of being Inducted into the "Alabama Music Hall of Fame". With an abundance of stage energy, a prankish sense of humour, an unmistakable voice and persona, and a unique ability to reflect his good times in good music, Ray is definitely a first class song stylist.