The Sex Pissed Dolls

Featuring Kitty Vacant, Anna Key, Connie Rotter, Jilly Idol and Nancy. Otherwise know as The Sex Pissed Dolls.

They band can also be billed as The Dolls if required due to parental guidance. Originally conceived as late night drunken idea after seeing TV clips of The Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers wanted to recreate the intensity and passion they saw on screen. Having loved Punk as teenagers they wanted to recreate this energy and create a visually and musically stunning show. They set about creating the phenomenon that is The Sex Pissed Dolls.

    'We needed great musicians who had a passion for edgy music and even edgier behaviour to create a wall of sound".

In true rock n roll style the band were initially booked in a local 350 capacity venue without having another band member in place.

The performance and energy you witness at a Sex Pissed Dolls gig has to be seen to be believed. Fans travel hundreds of miles just to be there. IT'S EDGY, IT'S RAUNCHY, IT'S EXCITING BUT ABOVE ALL... IT'S ENTERTAINING.

The Dolls are also the subject of a tour documentary which will be called ' The Great Rock n Roll Swin Doll' due to air later in 2015, and the girls are even having a beer named after them. And what else of the future?

They hope to spend time in the studio, and maybe even record one or two original songs. Either way, it will be a bumpy ride ...but a fun one.