About Us

Warren Trout

WL Trout Promotions Pty Ltd, are an established reputable company, providing professional and talented artists to venues and clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the world. This company has been in the entertainment field for some 45 years. We have extensive experience in touring, management, recording, festivals, club, hotel and corporate work. Our aim is to bring to venues or events, polished entertainment at a reasonable cost. We also aim to assist "Live" Entertainment: That is to put appropriate acts into appropriate venues at a cost they can afford. We source our artists carefully and endeavour to assist in any way possible in the area of promotion and management etc. Warren Trout has been in the industry for some 40 years. We invite you to view our website regularly, as we frequently add more artists and update our site on a fortnightly basis. However, in an effort to keep a high standard, we try not recommending any artist or act that we believe may not be suitable for your venue or events.

Established in 1970 W L Trout Promotions Pty Ltd had its head office in Auckland where they undertook to supply entertainment for local hotels and cabarets. In the late 70s they started importing artists from Australia and the UK to perform in NZ. In 1976 the company moved from New Zealand to Australia initially setting in Sydney the NT, and finally Brisbane where it has been based for some 20 years.

CEO Warren Trout has had a wealth of experience in the industry from musician, tour management, recording - producer, manager of acts, festival director and promoter. Also supplying shows to the East and America, the company looks forward to being able to provide you with the best of service and advice for any quieres you may have. Warren's interest in music started at age 12 where the main reason he went to school was to enjoy his music lessons. He was lucky enough to have Gary Daverne (whom now conducts the Auckland symphony orchestra) as a teacher. Moving forward he started playing drums at 12 and moved to Australia for a short period at 16 to begin his career as a professional drummer starting at the Hydro Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains in NSW.

Warren returned to NZ approx two years later where he was then contracted to play in New Caledonia  at the Tahiti Night Club. On his return to New Zealand he formed a band called the Contenders and backed various Artistes including being Musical Director for Sir Howard Morrison and Hog Snort Rupert for short periods of time. His recording career included Gray Bartlett, Howard Morrison, Hog Snort Rupert and many other local acts.

His passion for promoting came at the age of twenty one where he was asked to be entertainer director of the Milford Marina Hotel and the Thunderbird Valley Inn.

We are now pleased to announce we have opened an office in Colombo Sri lanka as we hope to be bringing more entertainment to the East and utilise all the talent over there.

Richard J Brown also is acting as a sales consultant for us. His wealth of knowledge in the Entertainment business is of  huge assistance.