Born and raised in New Orleans, Herb grew up listening to his grandfather practise and play with his bands., Herb will bring that Bourbon Street flavour to different venues with his tribute to his grandfather , ‘The Louis Armstrong Legacy’. As vocalist, Herb will be joined by a band of fabulous musicians and together they will take the audience on a musical journey through Louis’ extensive catalogue of hits and rarities. It will be a reunion of sort. Just listen to those fabulous hits like “What a wonderful world and Hello Dolly”

For the sceptics that say Lois armstrong had no children we would like to supply the following information: For most of Sharon Preston-Folta’s life, she kept a profound secret: her father is jazz legend Louis Armstrong. The public believed for decades that Armstrong did not have any children. But Preston-Folta changed that 10 years ago when she revealed in a memoir that she is his daughter. Herbis has always claimed his mother was a dancer at the Cotton Club where Armstrong performed

Sharon Preston-Folta grew up believing that Louis Armstrong was her father. The musician had a long-running affair with her mother, Lucille ‘Sweets’ Preston. In private letters, he referred to Preston-Folta as his daughter, but he never publicly, or legally, acknowledged her. He was widely thought to be unable to father children.

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Louis Armstrong loved children, but despite four marriages and many affairs, he did not father any of his own. Or did he?

In letters to Lucille “Sweets” Preston, a performer with whom he maintained a years-long affair, Armstrong made clear that he believed himself to be the father of her daughter, Sharon, who was born in 1955.

Those 13 historic letters and postcards to Preston are being sold during a Dec. 15 online and phone auction by California-based memorabilia dealer Profiles in History. The same day, Sweets Preston’s daughter, Sharon Preston-Folta, releases her self-published memoir, “Little Satchmo: Living in the Shadow of My Father Louis Daniel Armstrong,” via

If Preston-Folta, 57, is indeed Armstrong’s child, it would not be the first major biographical revision concerning the iconic entertainer, the most important cultural figure to ever emerge from New Orleans.

For most of his life, Armstrong cited July 4, 1900 as his birthday. But in 1988, researcher Tad Jones discovered Armstrong’s baptismal certificate at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in New Orleans. It indicated Armstrong was born on Aug. 4, 1901.

That Armstrong possibly produced one – if not more – children is a tantalizing prospect. Officially, the Armstrong estate does not recognize any living heirs. Since the death of his widow, the former Lucille Wilson, in 1983, the Louis Armstrong House Museum, which occupies his former home in Queens, N.Y., has functioned as the caretaker of his legacy.